Outdoor LED display protection grade IP
Issue Time:2013-08-23

Outdoor LED display protection grade IP analytical

With a full-color LED display radually become outdoor media advertising new carrier at the same time, people also to outdoor LED display quality and technology have higher requirements. Because using LED screens in outdoor use outdoors all day, will be basked in the sun, the water to get wet, sand blown by wind erosion, dust erosion threat; So for the outdoor full-color LED display protection class must have corresponding requirements.

Protection class system is by the IEC (International Electro Technical top have drawn up. Will the LED display in its dustproof, prevent the material into, waterproof, prevent moisture to the characteristics of classification. The material contains the indicates here, people's fingers and tools are not exposed to the live part within the lamps, so as not to get an electric shock.

IP protection class is made up of two digital made, of the first number said the LED display dustproof, prevent the material invading level; The second number said the LED display the moisture, waterproof invading airtight degree. The greater the number, the higher the said its protection grade. Dust level (in the first X said), waterproof level (with the second X said)

First X said the meaning of digital code

No protection
To prevent the bigger solid invasion
Prevent medium-sized solid invasion
Prevent small solid into the invasion
To prevent the larger than 1 mm of solid objects into
To prevent harmful dust accumulation
Completely prevent dust into
The second X said the meaning of digital code

No protection
Water drops into the shell no effect
When shell tilt to 15 degrees, water drops into the shell no effect
Water or water 60 degrees from corner to the housing no effect
Liquid by any direction spilled to shell didn't hurt influence
Wash with water without any damage
Can be used in the compartment in the environment
But in a short time soaking in the resistance (1 m)
In some pressure long soaking time
Example: the LED display sign reaches IP65, products can be completely prevent dust said into and can wash with water without any damage. General outdoor
LED display protection level IP65 is enough, but to some environmental particularly bad, also can do a little higher waterproof level.

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