Commercial Advertising LED Display


Commercial Advertising LED Display:

With mature of led technology, cost of leddives, then cost of led display declines significantly, which no doubt promotesthe application of LED display. As the biggest application area of led fullcolor screen at present - advertisement media industry open the upgrade preludeof traditional print ads.

With many years service experiences for home and abroad media clients,first-class production equipment, strict management and control processes, aunique service system, three-star price and four-star quality, we are willingto work together with these friends from the global advertising media industryto promote the popularization of LED displays and program of advertisingdissemination technology.

Features & Technical Specification:

1. Wide application field: advertising LED display,stadium perimeter LED display, mobile led display for mobile media, shoppingmall LED display for logo showing, bank &stock exchange LED display for rates showing, train & bus station, airport,telecommunication LED screen system for information showing and instruction,stage performances and so on.

2. We provide not only mounting bracket, but also the whole set of LED displaysystem, which includes: controlling system, power (socket), software,accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.

3. High Contrast and Frequency: 4000:1 and 5000HZ, which is a very high levelto ensure a vivid image of our LED screen system.

4. Good quality LED chip: Supplied by Nichia, Cotco cree,Toyota,Silan.Optec,& other high strictlyselected LED chip to ensure the long life time and high brightness of our LEDscreen system.

5. Very high quality and Clear vivid image quality: even in direct, full-onsunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get short ROI of your LEDscreen's investment.

6. High Brightness of LED Display: 7500-nit brightness (for outdoor fullcolor)(more than 2000 nits brightness for indoor full color) capacitythroughout product lifetime of the LED display.

7. Led display could be used under different climate zone all over the world.It can bear temperature -30
-60.Our cabinet owns good moisture proof and corrosion resistance function, thus itcould be used even in the high humidity and high salinity air environment.

8. Easy Installation & Using : easy & simple installation interface anduser friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED screensystem.

9. Convenient Servicing: Front or rear led display cabinet access make themaintains work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more timeand energy on your main marketing promotion business.

10. .LED display solution Provide remote control and management. A monitoringcenter can achieve control of multiple LED advertising display screen.

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