LINSN LED Studio Control system for LED DISPLAY
LINSN LED Studio Control system for LED DISPLAY
LINSN LED Studio Control system for LED DISPLAYLINSN LED Studio Control system for LED DISPLAYLINSN LED Studio Control system for LED DISPLAYLINSN LED Studio Control system for LED DISPLAYLINSN LED Studio Control system for LED DISPLAY
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1.Completely Compatible with the Seventh Generation Control System

The eighth generation is developed based on theseventh. Compared with the seventh, the eighth has all the functions of theseventh. Moreover, the eighth is more functional, more powerful, more stableand more reliable.

2.Supporting 210 colors

The seventh supports 28 colors: 28*28*28=16777216kinds of colors.

The eighth supports 210 colors: 210*210*210=1073741824kinds of colors. It needs to work with our video processors using the 30 bitsTTL. 

So the coloring number of the eighth is 64 times asmuch as that of the seventh.

3. Theintelligent connecting function

Without resetting the configurations, the receiving cards(including spare ones) of the same LED display/cabinet can be randomlyexchanged or replaced, for they will automatically recognize the showing areaand content they are responsible for.

4. Theintelligent supervision function

In each receiving card, there is a temperature sensorand four fan-power-output-ports. The speed of the fans is under wise controlledaccording to the warming value of temperature set by users.

5.Company Logo Showing

If the power of the sending card is not turned on, themonitor the PC will automatically show the preset company picture. The pixel ofthe picture will be 128*128, the coloring number 16K.

6.Supporting more scan mode

The seventh supports 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 scan mode, theeighth supports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 scanmode.

7.Supporting more modules

The seventh supports modules with the width: 2pixels,4 pixels, 8 pixels, 16 pixels, 32 pixels, 64 pixels.

   The eighthsupports all the modules with width within 64 pixels. That is from 1 pixel to64 pixels.

8.Supporting cut-up function

Each receiving card max supports 1024 pieces cutup,for non-conventional type display or text display use.

9. supportingempty pixel insert

The eighth can be set to insert one or more emptypixels every X pixels. This function is applying in non-conversional typedisplay.

10.Supporting PWM driver chip

Need to use particular driver chip

Make the display effect going perfect

11.Supporting hardware pixel by pixel correction

Need to use particular driver chip. By changing thecurrent for the LED, adjust the color, wave and brightness of the LED.

Make the effect of display pixel by pixel correctionbetter.

12.Supporting pixel supervision function

Need to use particular driver chip

Dynamically check the bad pixels on the display.

13.Giga Technology

Veritable Giga technology. One sending card cansupport the max pixels: Model701: 1280*1024; model702: 2048*640; two cards arecascaded: 2048*1152. Single network cable supports the max pixels: model701:1024*640, 1280*512; model702: 1600*400, 2048*320

14. Pixel by PixelCorrection and Unit box by Unit box Correction Function

Pixel by pixel correction supports four kinds ofcorrection modes: single pixel, 2*2pixels, 4*4 pixels, 8*8 pixels; and the maxcorrection is 6144 pixels/module, and brightness 256 levels for red, green,blue. Every unit box correction is used to adjust the chromatism among everyunit box; and brightness 256 levels for red, green, blue.

15.Intelligent Identification Function

The intelligent identification program can recognizeevery kind of scanning mode and every type of signal trend of all kinds ofdouble-color, full-color (real pixel and virtual pixel) drive boards, and theaccuracy rate is 99%.

16.Gray level 0---Gray Level 66536 (64K) are Optional

Users can adjust the gray level from 0 to 66536 levelsaccording to requirement of displays, making the display achieve the mostdesirable effects.

17.Optional Refresh Frequency, Synchronous function

Refresh frequency are adjustable from 10HZ to 3000HZ,and the refresh frequency and phase-lock function can make the display refreshlocked at integral multiple of that of computer display, avoiding the image tobeen torn, and ensuring the image to be perfect. The phase-lock synchronousrange is from 47HZ to 76HZ.

18. Superloading capacity

Full-color receiving card with gray level 4096 (Model4K) and refresh frequency 180HZ can support 512*128; full-color receiving card(model 16K, only for static) with gray level 16384 and refresh frequency 300HZcan control 160*64,.(Remarks: the drive board must realize high frequency30MHZ)

19. Doublenetwork cables switch automatically

The A and B ports of the receiving card can be bothused as input ports or output ports. Users can adapt two computers to control adisplay at the same time, when one is out of order, the other will replace itautomatically; Users can also use one computer with double network cables tocontrol a display, when one is out of order, the other will take place of itautomatically, making the display work normally all time.

20. Multi-displaysynchronous and combination functions.

Supporting one sending card to control multi-display,and the multi-display can be willful combination, synchronous display, andindependent play.

21. Brightness256 Levels Automatic Regulation  

The function of brightness 256 levels automaticregulation can make the display brightness regulation more efficient.

22. VoiceTransmission Function

Model 702 integrates the voice transmission, andrequires no audio cable to transmit audio signals to the display. Double 24bitsand 64KHZ hi-fi digital analogy and modulus switch to transmit the voice,making display achieve the perfect video effect.

23. UpgradingProgram Online

If program of receiving card needs to be upgraded,just open the display power, and upgrade it through Led Studio, no need toremove the receiving card from the display.

24. No ToggleSwitch

No toggle switches on the receiving card, all thesetups are set through Led Studio. 

25. Test Function

Receiving card has the test function, no sending cardneeded; can test the display directly, such as bias, gray level, red, green,blue, etc. many kinds of test modes.

26. Super LongTransmission Distance

The max transmission distance is 170M (actual measure);normal transmission distance is 140M.

27. Matchingsoftware

Led Studio V9.0 or above.

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